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Welcome to Spanish at Locations

Vision (what we do)

We provide an inspiring Spanish Language and Cultural Learning Experience in locations that stand out for their relaxed atmosphere and surrounding natural and cultural beauty. We want to contribute to more meaningful existence by investing in projects that our community (students, workers, friends and fans) consider important for the future of our planet.

Mission (our goal)

100% happy and motivated students that learn the Spanish Language, immerse themselves in a new culture and get motivated and renewed by the relaxed atmosphere and natural and cultural beauty of our locations.

We offer you the opportunity to learn Spanish at four different locations in Central America without losing academic continuity. Learn Spanish in Costa Rica (Turrialba) and in Panama (Bocas del Toro, Boquete, Panama City). At all of our Spanish schools we can provide you with Spanish classes, adventure, volunteering and accommodation all at a reasonable cost.

You can study Spanish in Costa Rica at our Spanish school in Turrialba, Spanish by the River, where you can experience adventures such as whitewater rafting or volunteer at a primary school. Turrialba is a great place to learn Spanish because very few locals speak English so you get to practice your Spanish every day. As well as hostel and homestay accommodation in Costa Rica we also have a campsite by the river Paquare.

Our other Spanish schools are in Panama. At Spanish by the Sea in Bocas del Toro you can learn Spanish and learn to dive, surf or volunteer at a sea turtle conservation project. Bocas del Toro has a Caribbean atmosphere and is infamous for its big waves, beautiful beaches and great nightlife.

Bocas SchoolBocas School29 pictures
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We also have a Spanish school in Boquete, Spanish by the River is in the Chiriqui highlands of Panama. In Boquete you can learn Spanish and whitewater raft, enjoy a relaxing horseback adventure or volunteer at a wildlife rescue centre. Due to the locals speaking very little English, Boquete, like Turrialba is an ideal location for practicing your Spanish.

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Specialized and Customized Spanish Courses

All our Spanish courses are taught by native Spanish teachers with a methodology we have been perfecting over the last 10 years. Our unique customized Spanish courses mean we can teach you Spanish specific to your needs whether it be Business Spanish, Medical Spanish or Spanish for Law Professionals, just let us now your requirements and we’ll do everything we can to make sure your Spanish classes in Costa Rica or Panama are tailored to your needs.

If your required Spanish course isn’t listed below then contact us and we’ll do everything we can to cater to your custom requirements.

  • Standard Spanish – Our standard Spanish course costs just $225 a week!
  • Intensive Spanish – a Spanish immersion program for $300 a week.
  • Specialized Spanish >>
    • Business Spanish – improve your Spanish communication skills in business situations, an ideal course for receptionists, managers and executives.
    • Medical Spanish – learn Spanish vocubulary for body parts, areas of the hospital, equipment and diseases. To compliment our medical Spanish course we offer a volunteer placement in a medical clinic in Bocas, Panama.
    • Household Spanish - learn Spanish vocabulary needed to communicate with employees in the areas of house cleaning, childcare, food preparation, gardening and other related areas of household service.
    • Spanish for Law Professionals – learn how to communicate effectively in Spanish within legal situations, to compliment this Spanish course we have a volunteer placement in a lawyers office in Turrialba, Costa Rica.
    • Spanish for Construction Work – learn Spanish vocabulary for tools, materials, measurements, and design plans for your house.
    • Spanish for Work in Tourism - an ideal course for those that want to work in hotels, restaurants, travel agencys and tour companies.
    • Spanish for Teachers – learn Spanish vocabulary needed in the classroom.
    • Spanish & Latin American Culture – this course is an insight into the unique culture of Latin America and includes the opportunity to learn how to Salsa dance and learn how to cook traditional local cuisine.
    • Ecological Spanish – learn relevant vocabulary about flora and fauna in Costa Rica or Panama. To compliment our Ecological Spanish course we offer volunteer placements in an ecological organization and a butterfly farm in Turrialba, Costa Rica.
    • Nautical Spanish – learn Spanish vocabulary to help you navigate the open waters, an ideal Spanish course for sailors, divers or anyone with a love of the sea.
    • Preparation for Oteima Exam
    • Preparation for DELE Exam

Customized Spanish >>

  • Spanish for Families – We can create a Spanish program for your whole family from primary schools in the local area to accommodation and fun excursions.
  • Spanish for Teens – a completely customized program is available to maximise teenager’s learning capabilities.
  • Spanish for Groups – need a complete Spanish program organized for a large or small group, we can arrange everything for you including specialized classes at different levels.
  • Spanish for Relocating – Relocating to a new country can be a stressful and difficult time, we can make it easy for you with a customized program to learn Spanish in order to find employment or a new home.
  • Onsite Corporate Business Spanish - Spanish at Locations can organise a Spanish teacher to come to your organisation and teach Spanish on- site at hours convenient for your company.

Travelling Classroom

Why not take advantage of 4 of our locations and take part in the Travelling Classroom.  Take Spanish classes at four of our five Spanish schools in Turrialba, Bocas, Boquete and Panama City. Enjoy all the highlights of each location such as whitewater rafting in Turrialba and the San Blas Islands near Panama City, take your Spanish teacher with you to learn Spanish along the journey.

Check out the site!: www.travelling-spanishclassroom.com

Volunteer for FREE!

Except for a low cost sea turtle conservation project in Bocas del Toro, we give you the opportunity to volunteer abroad for free and make a difference in the local communities of Turrialba, Puerto Viejo, Bocas or Boquete. Whether you want to teach English, help out in a hospital or work with animals we can arrange everything for you for free provided you stay in one of our accommodation options or learn Spanish with us.

Volunteer for free in Costa Rica
Volunteer for free in Bocas del Toro, Panama
Volunteer for free in Boquete, Panama


For students seeking adventure we offer many different Spanish and Adventure options in both Costa Rica and Panama which vary throughout each location. Experience the thrill of white water rafting at Spanish by the River in Turrialba and Boquete. Whilst studying Spanish in Bocas del Toro why not learn to Surf or explore the underwater world and become a certified PADI diver. We also offer camping adventures, horseback riding, bird watching and mountain biking or why not take our Spanish and Adventure course where we can organise a number of adventures for you whilst learning Spanish.

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Our current adventure options are:

  • Travelling Classroom – learn Spanish at all four of our locations and take your teacher with you.
  • Spanish & Adventure – take Spanish classes and a variety of our adventure options.
  • Spanish & Surf – learn to surf in Bocas del Toro whilst you learn Spanish.
  • Spanish & Dive - take your PADI open water or advanced open water certificate alongside your Spanish classes.
  • Spanish & Rafting – experience the thrill of whitewater rafting in Turrialba and Boquete.
  • Spanish & Kayaking – learn how to eskimo roll in Turrialba and Boquete.
  • Spanish & Sea Kayak – kayak on the beautiful open waters of the Caribbean in Bocas.
  • Spanish & Rock Climbing – Boquete offers the perfect landscape for rock climbing inbetween your Spanish classes.
  • Spanish & Camping – learn Spanish at our campsite by the river Pacuare in Costa Rica.
  • Spanish & Hiking – Boquete and Turrialba both offer a variety of hiking opportunities off the beaten track.
  • Spanish & Mountain Biking – learn Spanish and explore the beautiful surroundings of Boquete and Turrialba on a mountain bike.
  • Spanish & Horse Riding – Our horses are suitable for both children and adults of all levels.
  • Spanish & Bird Watching – spot the infamous Quetzal in Boquete or the Trogans of Turrialba.
  • Spanish & Yoga – relax and learn Spanish in Bocas del Toro, Panama.
  • Panama City Adventures - take a city and canal tour, visit an indigenous village or soak up the sun on a trip to the tropical San Blas islands.
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  • Locations of our Spanish Schools in Costa Rica and Panama
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  • Prices

    > Standard Spanish
    $225 per week
    > Intensive Spanish
    $300 per week
    > Specialized Spanish
    (when private classes)
    - $200 / 10 hrs per week
    - $300 / 20 hrs per week
    - $360 / 30 hrs per week
    - $440 / 40 hrs per week

  • Accommodation Prices

    > Hostel shared room $12 a night
    > Hostel private room $20 a night
    > Homestay inc Breakfast $18 a night
    > Homestay inc Breakfast and Dinner$22 a night

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  • Special Offers!

    Discounts for Our Students

    White Water Rafting on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica only $65!

    PADI Open Water or Advanced Cert on the Caribbean island of Bocas del Toro only $330!

  • Volunteer for FREE!

    At all our locations in Panama and Costa Rica we offer a variety of FREE volunteer options provided you study Spanish with us or stay in any of our accommodation options.

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    Read our tips on effective ways to learn Spanish.
  • Student Comments

    I have had a few weeks of classes at Spanish at Locations in Turrialba. I learned much more than I expected. The classes were fun and the teacher motivated me. After classes I had so much fun in the surroundings of the school. The nature here is beautiful and there are so many activities which you can do! I have had the time of my life here!
    Puck van den Brink, Turrialba

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