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Our Spanish School in Bocas del Toro was founded in 1998 and is conveniently located on Fourth Street, right behind the Main Street. Spanish classes are held all around the building, from upstairs on the balcony to the rancho in the garden.  If you are not a total beginner, you will do a written and an oral test in order to make sure you will be placed in a group with fellow students at the exact same level as you.  Standard Spanish takes place during 20 hours per week, 4 hours daily with a 20 minutes break in the middle to have coffee or tea and relax. In our classes we apply the Communicative method – featuring Task-based learning,  which means that your objective is a communicative- and not a grammar one. Grammar is used as a means to get to effective communication. We make sure classes are fun by using, role-play, music, and adding lots of cultural information, so you will stay motivated to learn with us. Upon finishing you receive a certificate stating the hours you studied and if you wish you can do an exam to establish at which level you landed.

The school is affiliated with the Private University OTEIMA in David (30 minutes travelling) where you can take an exam and receive 3 credit points for 20 hours of studying at our school, that you can apply to College or University Study. You can also take our course to prepare for DELE EXAMS that you can do twice a year in Panama City.

In the garden you find palm trees and banana plants. You can walk into Bocas town and find hotels, restaurants, tour operators, a bank, internet cafes, bars, shops and an airport.

Our Spanish school in Bocas, Panama is perfect for adventurous people that love to learn the language without being rushed. Spanish and Sea adventures like diving, surfing and sailing makes your study time so much more pleasant. If you look for night life, every night, the popular Barco Hundido (Sunken ship) is open until very late.

Spanish Courses in Bocas, Panama

The following Spanish courses are available at our Spanish school in Bocas del Toro:

  • Standard Spanish
  • Intensive Spanish
  • Specialized Spanish >>

    Accommodation Options in Bocas

    School # 1 - balcony (triple room)
    School # 1 – balcony (triple room)
    B&B Stay - Mauricia's
    B&B Stay – Mauricia’s

    Adventure Options in Bocas

    You can combine your Spanish course with any of the following adventure packages in Bocas, Panama:

    There are also day trips and excursions you can do in whilst in Bocas.

    Volunteer Opportunites in Bocas

    We have five volunteer placements in Bocas del Toro. You can volunteer at a sea turtle conservation project, an old people’s home, a medical clinic, a children’s home or you can teach the local indigenous community.

    About Bocas

    Laidback caribbean – Tourism – National Marine Park – Sea Turtles

    Food, architecture and language in Bocas originate from other parts of the Caribbean and are therefore different from the rest of the country. In Bocas everything still goes slow, but relaxed as it is, the town is experiencing a development boom and tourism is the most important business sector.

    The archipelago is also called Bocas del Toro and is a biologist’s fantasy. The national marine park is protecting mangroves, reefs and other important reserves for many species of Caribbean wildlife. Four of the world’s eight sea turtle species nest on the beaches of the archipelago, but are threatened with extinction. Isla Colon (named after Christopher Columbus) is where the provinces capital with about 4500 inhabitants is situated. Our Spanish school in Bocas is popular due to the opportunity to volunteer at one of the local sea turtle conservation projects.

    Surfing in Bocas del Toro

    Bocas del Toro, Panama has only recently been discovered as a surf hotspot and although it is becoming one of the most popular destinations in Panama it is remarkably uncrowded compared to its neighbor Costa Rica. Bocas del Toro has two distinct surf seasons: winter wet season is from November- March, when the waves can be the biggest, and the short summer season from June – August. These two periods are best for those looking for more advanced surf. The remaining months of April, September and October generally have beautiful weather with small surf. The most ordinary waves are reef breaks, but there are also some beach breaks. There are few rights but the lefts are widely ranged. Bocas del Toro’s waves normally favor short boards. The nearest surf spot is located 10 minutes from our Spanish school and getting there requires a watertaxi.

    For the beginning surfer Bocas del Toro offers decent spots for learning how to surf all year long. Depending on the size of the breaks, one of the best beaches for learning to surf is Wizard Beach, because it doesn´t have any reef or rocks. Beginners have to watch out though because the waves here can get very big and strong and follow up very quickly. Getting there by watertaxi costs $4 and the rent of a surfboard is $15 to $20 for one day. Usually you can rent one board with multiple persons as especially beginners get tired quickly. The closest place nearby for renting surfboards is Gran Kahuna hostel, which is just around the corner and you pass by it walking from the school to the watertaxi. If you want to combine your learning Spanish with learning how to surf, check our Spanish & Surf Special.

    Our other Spanish Schools

    We have three other Spanish schools. One in Panama City,  another one in the Chiriqui highlands of Panama in Boquete and the other is located in neighboring Costa Rica, in Turrialba. Each school has its own beauty and personality within a unique environment, taking advantage of its personality by offering particular excursions and volunteer work. We give you clear, printed instructions at the schools on how to travel. The trip between the Spanish by the Sea – Bocas and River – Turrialba goes partly along the Caribbean coast. The trip costs less than $15.00 and takes about seven hours in total. The trip between Spanish by the Sea – Bocas and Spanish by the River – Boquete can be done by traveling first to David and then back into the highlands. This trip takes about 6 hours and costs $15.00.

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  • Prices

    > Standard Spanish
    $225 per week
    > Intensive Spanish
    $300 per week
    > Specialized Spanish
    (when private classes)
    - $200 / 10 hrs per week
    - $300 / 20 hrs per week
    - $360 / 30 hrs per week
    - $440 / 40 hrs per week

  • Accommodation Prices

    > Hostel shared room $12 a night
    > Hostel private room $20 a night
    > Homestay inc Breakfast $18 a night
    > Homestay inc Breakfast and Dinner$22 a night

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    White Water Rafting on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica only $65!

    PADI Open Water or Advanced Cert on the Caribbean island of Bocas del Toro only $330!

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    At all our locations in Panama and Costa Rica we offer a variety of FREE volunteer options provided you study Spanish with us or stay in any of our accommodation options.

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  • Student Comments

    I have been here for 3 weeks and I don't want to leave. The teachers have been great. I learned a lot and moreover had a great time with everyone. Hopefully at some point in the future I can visit again.
    Kevin Harrel, UK, Bocas

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